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Tucson Council Board of Directors and Brief Bios

Tucson Council Board of Directors and Brief Bios

President:  Maurice (Maury) Bois
Maury joined the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in 2012 as a member of the St. Rita in the Desert Conference.  He has served as vice-president and president of that conference. He has also served as the Council Formator since 2018 and was elected Tucson Diocesan Council President in 2019. 

2nd Vice President:  Don Crater
Don has served the Society since 2004 when he founded the St. Rita in the Desert Conference.  He served as its president for six years and has been its treasurer for almost nine years.  Don also served at the Council level as 2nd Vice President and was extremely active on the stores committee. 

Treasurer: Carmen Bungert
Carmen has been a Vincentian for eight years and is a member of the St. Augustine St. Vincent Conference in Tucson.  She has served as the conference treasurer for several years and is also in charge of the conference’s food pantry and Home Visit programs.  Additionally, she participates  in several other ministries at St. Augustine.  Carmen is committed to and spends many hours a seek serving those in need.


Formation Team Leader:  Yolanda Anderson
Yolanda has been a member of St. Vincent de Paul for nine years.  Prior to that she spent seven years volunteering at a homeless shelter.  She was the Vice President of St. Patrick’s conference in Bisbee and served as acting president for a time following the resignation of their conference president.  Yolanda volunteered to work as an Ozanam Orientation presenter and is a knowledgeable ambassador for our Society.

Stores Team Leader:  Dan Davis
Dan has served as a Vincentian since 2012.  He is treasurer of the St. Thomas the Apostle Conference. He has also served on the Diocesan Council food distribution coordinator and is a past council board member/chairman of the stores committee.  He serves as the coordinator of the furniture voucher and bed/mattress programs.  He leads the stores team and provides information and consulting services to our council stores.

1st Vice President:  Mayola McCrary
Mayola has been a Vincentian for ten years.  She has been the 1st Vice President of the Diocesan Council since 2017 and served as acting Council President from June through September of 2019.  She is a past 1st Vice President and the current President of Our Mother of Sorrows Conference in Tucson.

Secretary:  Christine Krikliwy
Christine joined the Society in 2003 and has been heavily involved ever since.  She served as Council Secretary during the previous administration and as the President of St. Ambrose Conference.  Christine also participates in the “Getting Ahead” program as its secretary and is active in advocating for social justice through the “Systemic Change” initiative.  

Spiritual Advisor/Spiritual Advisor:  Reverend Greg Jones
Father Greg is a member of the Clerics of St. Viator and was based in Chicago before coming to Tucson. Following university he worked with the Diocese of Kansas City urban ministry. Greg worked on Chicago’s Southside as the clinical director of urban, hospital-based chemical dependency and psychological programs. Ordained a priest in 1996. His proudest achievement is 10 years working with “Food for the Poor” which took him to every US state and 14 countries raising funds and the awareness of the needs of the poor. His diverse educational background and work/ministry history will be invaluable in our efforts to improve and maintain the spiritual element of our mission.

Systemic Change Team Leader:  Thomas Jefferson
Tom has been a Vincentian for 15 years and is a member of the St. Cyril Conference where he served as interim conference president. Tom started a systemic change committee in his conference and following a workshop in California, Tom expanded the initiative in the Tucson area.  He coordinated with Pima County to spearhead the “Getting Ahead” program that has helped many in our area.  The Systemic Change Committee has “morphed” into a Systemic Change Team under the Diocesan Council, and Tom continues to move this initiative forward.

Growth and Revitalization Team Leader:  Dan Torrington
Dan joined the Society fourteen years ago and has served in a variety of positions.  He has been the Vice-President as well as President of St. Frances Cabrini’s Conference.  He also served as both a Vice-President and President of the Tucson Diocesan Council.  He was a member of the National Voice of the Poor Committee and is involved in addressing many systemic change issues as well as assisting the “Getting Ahead” program and “Voice of the Poor”.