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Success Stories

Each day Vincentian volunteers reach out to people in need across southern Arizona. The 2020-21 numbers are impressive — 752 volunteers in 34 parish Conferences helped 44,389 people through 1,950 home visits; 101 hospital and eldercare visits; and 12,826 other in-person contacts for a total of 14,877 visits to 44,389 people. But equally impressive is the transformative impact these services have on the recipients.

Local HVAC contractor extends gift of comfort to St. Vincent De Paul Society

A local heating and cooling company has solved a sticky problem for the St. Vincent De Paul Society of Safford.

The non-profit, which operates a food pantry and thrift shop at 221 E. Main St., had been operating without air conditioning for more than a week.

Its previous unit was kaput, and the cost of repairs or replacement were going to be prohibitive.

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2022 People’s March on Washington

The Poor People’s Campaign, or Poor People’s March on Washington, was a 1968 effort to gain economic justice for poor people in the United States. It was organized by Martin Luther King Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), It was carried out under the leadership of Ralph Abernathy in the wake of King’s assassination in April 1968.

Pictured here preparing for departure from the Tucson Airport is the Tucson contingent participating in the March which was held this year on June 18. Six of these women have worked with St. Vincent de Paul and been involved on the “Getting Ahead “program.  The systemic Change team of the Council provided each of them a $250 stipend for the trip to help cover their expenses.  The society believes that the poor should have a voice in legislation which affects them, and that the Society should speak for the poor whenever we can.

Terry’s Story

Terry became a Friend of the St. Andrew’s Conference when she was a resident of the Forgach domestic violence center. Over several years and collaborative efforts, she was able to receive treatment for serious mental health issues. Her housing situation was also improved and in 2018 Vincentians became active advocates for her wellbeing. That advocacy resulted in uncovering the improper practices of an appointed fiduciary, and a referral to Care Court. Vincentians accompanied her to Care Court and she was assigned to the TeleCare Assertive Community Treatment Program. Through those efforts she received the social services and medications she needs. Her physical needs, housing, financial and mental health issues have been addressed and are now well monitored by TeleCare counselors and Vincentians.

Formerly a hoarder, she now has a Section 8 apartment which is attractively furnished – through the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. While she still endures some residual effects of her mental health issues, she has learned to cope and receives the medication she needs to fully function. Theresa is transformed. She is doing well and is socially interactive. She also volunteers at the Thrift Store once a week and has developed new friends among her coworkers.

Information and photograph provided by Pauline Fredericks, President. St. Andrew the Apostle Conference

Birthday Cheer

A volunteer collaboration between St. Rita in the Desert Conference, the Church of Jesus Christ Latter day Saints (LDS), and St. Augustine Cathedral is providing much appreciated cheer to area children. Children who may not otherwise have cake on their birthday will now enjoy the efforts of churches partnering to show love.

Susan Bois, president of the St. Rita in the Desert Conference, Carol Langford, communications director for the Tucson Rincon Stake of LDS, and Jim Bungert, member of the St. Augustine Conference were instrumental in getting the Birthday Bag program underway. Collecting birthday supplies and decorating bags provides a perfect service opportunity for children of local congregations of the Church of Jesus Christ. Members of the Church donated cake mixes, frosting and candles, and children decorated and assembled the bags. May 12, 2022 was the third time the churches combined efforts to collect birthday bags. In all, 350 bags were prepped for gifting. Special thanks to Jenny Mathis, local stake communication specialist for the LDS Church for submitting information for use on the website.