Last year St. Vincent de Paul helped more than 53,500 people in our five-county service area.  $3,280,572 was distributed towards rent and utility assistance, and other needs.

Home Visits – volunteers traveled over 150,000 miles and made more than 14,000 personal contacts and home visits to assess need and provide services, food, and goods such as clothing, furniture, mattresses, and appliances.

Poverty in Arizona – the poverty line is established by the federal government each year and is calculated on the costs of providing a family with the basic necessities of life divided by annual income.

What is the poverty rate in Arizona?
The poverty rate in Arizona is 17.0%. One out of every 5.9 residents of Arizona lives in poverty.

How many people in Arizona live in poverty?
1,128,046 of 6,654,096 residents reported income levels below the poverty line in the last year.

How does the Poverty Rate in Arizona compare to the national average?
Arizona ranks 43rd in Poverty Rate at 17.0% (poverty rankings by state).The Poverty Rate of Arizona is moderately higher than the national average of 14.6%.

In our service area poverty levels are higher than the state as a whole.

Graham County 21.4%
Yuma County 19.7%
Cochise County 18.1%
Pima County 18.3%
Santa Cruz County 21.8%