The Society of St. Vincent de Paul has become an international organization.  It renders assistance to those in need in 149 counties and has more than 900,000 members worldwide!  More than 4,055 active Conferences—with 62,847 active members — operate in the United States alone.  The Diocese of Tucson has 37 Conferences active throughout Southern Arizona and 867 members.

In 2012 in Southern Arizona, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul contributed $7,333,000 to help those suffering or in need.  Our members made 35,228 home visits and assisted 86,732 people – traveling over 140,968 miles to give person-to-person assistance.  Yet, there are still many who need help and we will continue to reach out throughout the area to provide assistance wherever and whenever possible. 

If you know someone who is in need help, or if you could like to contribute, please call our office at 520-628-7837 or call the closest Catholic Church to your home address.